New aluminium-based material CS-AL-88-AD5 (thermal conductivity- 5 W/m°C) is available for PCB production from now!
Copper foil thickness 18-175 µm,
Alum. Base thickness 0.2-5 mm!

Download spec. sheet (93Kb).

Our new technical features in printed circuit boards manufacturing:

Extra-thick / large Boards! The maximal thickness/maximal dimensions of PCB can reach 10.0 mm / 584,2 x1041,4 mm.

Multilayer with mixed materials FR-4 + Teflon (different Dk) in the HF part of PCB.

PCBs with special heat sinks: copper pins or rivets pressed in, rivets with recess.

Metal PCB with routed recess in prepreg + conductor layer.

Soft gold 99.99% pure– 24 carat gold plating for wire bonding.

Selective edge plating (e.g. - between gold contacts only) by plated half-routed edge-holes.

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"Dimidium facti qui coepit habet!"
 Half is done when the beginning is done!

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Welcome at the Homepage of ELLWEST PCB

Our company ELLWEST PCB in Vienna, Austria is the European branch of the group of Chinese & South Korean printed circuit board manufacturers.
We do not only offer you our services in the field of printed circuit board production (which correspond to IPC Standards class 2 and 3), but also additional advantages from your cooperation with us, like optimizing of the design of the boards and placing them to working panels efficiently, choose optimal order quantities and supply lots, suitable and quick shipment and transport.
Besides of the usual standard PCBs (one -, two -, multilayer), quick production service for prototypes / samples and small lots, we can also provide the following:
- flexible PCBs;
- PCBs with blind and buried vias (also Laser-drilled);
- PCBs with aluminium or copper core (best heat conduction);
- PCBs with impedance - control;
- PCB assembly.
We are sure that you will find in our company a solid and stable partner to satisfy your needs in the field of printed circuit boards.

Mr. Franz Lehner, Sales

Company ELLWEST is official provider of printed circuit boards to the three-times "Robot - Soccer World - Champion Team" (category NaroSot) of the Vienna University of Technology




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